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  • Future of malware – December 2022
    “The future of malware” is a trigger for most of us in computer security. Most cyber professionals have an idea of what they think malware looks like in the next few years, but truly few of us write about it or document it in a formal way. In 2013, I presented on the “future of malware”. My predictions at the time were that initial attack vectors would pivot strongly away from IP based network attacks and towards (1) social engineering, (2) insider threats, and (3) overprivileged systems. At the time, application sandboxing was somewhat in an infancy (especially phone based […]
  • Link checkers
    The user experience is paramount to revisits. Dead links are frustrating for users, and reduces that “first” (or second!)_ impression. This article provides a few dead link checkers to validate a site’s internal and outbound links.
  • “Break glass” emergency privileged access
    Break glass access is a required component of business recovery. It should only be used in emergency situations.
  • Link tracking – who clicked my link?
    Looking to track who clicked your links, and when? This article will help!
  • Where to find “free use licensed” photos and videos
    Finding the perfect image is always a chore. Finding the perfect “freely licensed” image is a double chore! This article is here to help you.
  • Restricting outbound firewall rules in operational environments
    Reconfiguring firewalls in operational environments potentially breaks things. This article helps to develop a plan for implementing change.
  • LinkedIn – Writing the “right page” right!
    Getting started in LinkedIn is intimidating. That’s okay! This article is going to help you persuasively approach LinkedIn.
  • Domain search – how to avoid front runners
    Have you every had that perfect domain name, searched online, found it was available… only to have it taken away in the couple of days it took you to decide to buy? Then this article is for you!
  • Coronavirus special report: Separating your Work and Personal identities
    Whether working from home or working in an office, separating your “Work Identity” and “Personal Identity” remains very important, both for your protection and for the security of your company. Read this article for more information.
  • The first rule of security: “Be aware”
    The COVID19 Coronavirus situation has affected our families, our homes, and our work environments. w can you protect yourself? The same methods you use to keep you safe “in real life” will also keep you safe in the digital world …
  • Vishing-don’t be a victim
    The vish: Vishing and social engineering are nefarious confidence scams that pretend to be helping you. This article will help you avoid being a victim.
  • Privacy at the workplace
    In today’s world of privacy, you might be surprised that your company is recording every one of your keystrokes. Keep your private information private.
  • Inmotion Hosting review
    This article presents a candid review of inmotion hosting, focused on both “reseller” and “end user” accounts: Ease of use, setup, speed, and configuration.
  • Credential theft
    This presentation will help you understand the risks, recognize when you have been compromised, and avoid credential theft
  • Payment card theft
    Seems every day there are new reports of payment and credit card theft. Explore how payment card theft happens, and how to protect yourself.
  • WordPress host hardening: password protect wp-login
    This article explains adding an additional password to the wp-login.php file. Every user will have to enter a secondary password before retrieving wp-login.
  • Free domain names
    Ready to show off a new domain? Want to use a “personalized” domain for a new customer, but don’t wish to buy the domain until the customer actually engages you with a contract? Sometimes having a free domain is of benefit.
  • WordPress 2019 Featured Image shading
    This article is going to help you change the built in WordPress 2019 Gutenberg Featured Image shading.
  • Computer Security Incident Response (NIST SP800-61r2)
    The NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide provides a framework for creating a company focused computer security incident response plan.
  • Help I’ve fallen and my identity has been stolen!
    This short article will explore what you can do if your information is compromised, and give you advice even if it hasn’t (yet).
  • Phish for phun and profit
    Phishing is a real problem, and that problem is only increasing in frequency. Phish attacks come in many different forms. Everyone is affected by phishing. Whether it be that a credit card number is stolen from your family member, or your friend gets their Facebook account hijacked, or you have your company web site blacklisted for SPAM, we are all affected by phishing attacks. Some of those attacks are worse than others. Click here for the presentation All information in this presentation is derived from public sources. A few definitions Comparison to SPAM References
  • WordPress Plugins – 2.1 Mail Relay
    Let me ask an honest question.  Would you rather be doing business with “” or “” ?  Which one looks more professional?  Which one looks more trustworthy?
  • WordPress Plugins (1.0 Introduction)
    WordPress is an incredible Content Management System — and it is free!  WordPress off the shelf is just that — a content management system.  The best part of WordPress is that it is extensible. 
  • WordPress Plugins (2.0 Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)
    This post is a part of the WordPress Plugins discussion threads and focuses on Plugins that increase the Security of your WordPress site. Just as with all WordPress Plugin recommendations, only “free” Plugins will be considered. Security First, a definition for this very important section. Security is protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of a system. We’ll be examining WordPress Plugins that help to achieve: Confidentiality:  Protecting information so as it is only available to those who have permission to know. Protecting information against observation from every other user. Integrity:  Does it relate to hackers defacing a web site?  Can […]
  • WordPress Plugins – 2.1 Interact with your users – Mailjet Outbound mail relay
    Emails are integratl to business. Whether for transacitional email to change a user password, or as marketing campain, this Mailjet configurator is for you.
  • WordPress Post Revisions
    Have you worked hard on a post, only to forget to save the post? I have. If you are looking to “autosave” your WordPress posts, this post is for you!
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to create predictive systems
    The term Artificial Intelligence (or AI) was coined in the mid 1950s.  AI technology was heavily funded by the Department of Defense for many years. Unfortunately, the practitioners at the time were overly optimistic and failed to overcome some of the difficulties that they faced. By the mid 1970s, funding was largely cut in favor of more promising projects.
  • Business & Technology Planning
    This article explores basic ideas that you should keep in mind as you are starting or continuing your business. It is intended to provoke deeper thoughts for you and your executive team. From business continuity, to free coffee and free WiFi, we’ll look into ideas that are important to businesses… and to customers.
  • Exploring advantages and disadvantages of Cloud: IAAS PAAS SAAS
    Cloud early, cloud often: Four words to say that now is the time to embrace cloud services. Read more to understand and explore the advantages and disadvantages of “cloud” solutions.
  • Exploiting the SDLC
    Attacking software is really attacking the software development process. The adversary is looking to take advantage of software defects before those defects are repaired. This paper explores the attack timeline.
  • Prevent content filtering from affecting your web site
    Content filters categorize domains based on reputation. Many companies block domains based on those filters. This article will show you how to register your domains so that they are not inadvertently blocked.
  • WordPress: WordPress Subdirectory management
    Using subdirectories just makes things cleaner. This article will help you add https, www, and run WordPress from a subdirectory.
  • Identity theft
    Our online identity IS our identity. Someone masquerading as you is potentially a dangerous situation, but it is at least creepy. The problem is, as sure as everyone will pay taxes this year, we will all have our online identity compromised.What do you tell your colleagues who have had their identity stolen? What do you tell your family who have not *yet* had their identity stolen? What should they do? And what should they have done in order to reduce the vulnerability?This paper will give you ideas on preventing problems in online identity theft, and also provide guidance on how to fix a problem if it happens.
  • Centrally managing WordPress sites
    Managing multiple WordPress sites is no easy task. While managing a single WordPress site in itself can seem difficult at times, managing many WordPress sites concurrently requires keeping track of multiple security updates, different Plug-In updates, Theme updates, backups, usernames and credentials, and Firewall settings. Fortunately, this is a common problem for many WordPress managers. Why is this fortunate? Because you don’t have to reinvent anything! But you will have to work through the slew of management platforms that exist. This article is here to help you identify the best WordPress management platform for all your sites. Option: Hiring hosted […]
  • Video creators and editors (and Image!)
    Are you searching for a video editor? If so, this page is for you! OpenShot Video Editor, Kdenlive, YouTube Video Maker…
  • Zero day, 0day, ohday, oh my!
    Hackers have a few things in their favor when it comes to getting into your network and stealing data.  One of those things is the elusive zero day.   When it comes to hacking, a zero day is an “exploitation against a publicly unknown vulnerability”. But hackers don’t need a zero day.  They only need a “zero to me day”.  What does that even mean? 
  • The end of the (land) line
    So you’ve looked at your local phone bill and it was… oh my, I’m paying that much for a simple landline phone number? This doesn’t seem right! How can I be paying $40 a month for a landline phone (base price around $15/month, plus “options” price like call waiting around $20/month, plus taxes around 22%, plus plus plus)?
  • Business Continuity Planning
    Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the pre-planning effort put in to make sure your business continues to operate even during adverse situations. BCP is the work put in before those imperfect days, in order to smoothly transition between “normal” operations and “backup” operations. A backhoe digs through the internet cables, the electricity goes out, a computer stops working, the delivery truck is involved in an accident. In all of these situations, what is the backup plan?
  • Risk management – developing a framework
    Risk management is an essential skill for any business professional. Whether it be having a second screwdriver available on the job in case one is lost or broken, or it be having Errors and Omissions or liability insurance, we are constantly evaluating risks and the costs associated with managing those risks. In this paper we are going to focus on understanding risk management. If you better understand that you have options when it comes to risks, you may be more comfortable with the risk brainstorming cycle. 1. Risk management Risks are often complex. In an effort to disassemble or distill […]
  • Computer security hardening – safeguarding your computer
    Computer Security.  Kind of scary, actually.  With the likes of Target going down to hackers in late 2013, and a large attack on Home Depot in 2014, what can the rest of us do?  If Home Depot can be compromised, how can I protect myself? The bad news — you are a target.  Why though?  Well, let’s consider: Do you have any financial data on your computer?  You are a target. Does your company operate a health care agency with HIPAA/HITECH protected data?  You are a target. Do you have a point of sale system where you perform credit card transactions? […]