WordPress 2019 Featured Image shading

“I say there is no darkness but ignorance.”William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night William Shakespeare warned us that there is no darkness but ignorance. Applying the quote to this blog post, there are two darknesses — ignorance, and also the darkness that envelops the Featured Image on the newly released Twenty Nineteen theme! Darkened and Color Enhanced […]

WordPress: Configure WordPress to work from a Sub-directory

Most of us are familiar with files, directories, and sub-directories.   In the art of computer science (yes, that “art” v “science” reference was intentional), directories and sub-directories are a way to organize files into a meaningful hierarchy.  WordPress installations rely on this hierarchical file organization to make sense of the thousands of files that are […]

Managing multiple WordPress sites

Managing multiple WordPress sites is no easy task. While managing a single WordPress site in itself can seem difficult at times, managing many WordPress sites concurrently requires keeping track of multiple security updates, different Plug-In updates, Theme updates, backups, usernames and credentials, and Firewall settings. Fortunately, this is a common problem for many WordPress managers. […]