WordPress Plugins – 2.1 Mail Relay

Let me ask an honest question.  Would you rather be doing business with “bobrx153@hotmail.com” or “bob@randolf.com” ?  Which one looks more professional?  Which one looks more trustworthy? Now that you have your web site configured, it is time to configure your mail agents to send “as” someone from your domain.  This increases the value of […]

WordPress Plugins (1.0 Introduction)

WordPress is an incredible Content Management System — and it is free!  WordPress off the shelf is just that — a content management system.  The best part of WordPress is that it is extensible.  But there is a problem.  There are tens of thousands of great plugins available, many that offer overlapping functions [see References: […]

WordPress Plugins (2.0 Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)

This post is a part of the WordPress Plugins discussion threads and focuses on Plugins that increase the Security of your WordPress site. Just as with all WordPress Plugin recommendations, only “free” Plugins will be considered. Table Of ContentSecurityProtect against random botsLogin alertsMulti factor authenticationAutomatic updateList of recommended PlugIns Security First, a definition for this […]

Centrally managing WordPress sites

Managing multiple WordPress sites is no easy task. While managing a single WordPress site in itself can seem difficult at times, managing many WordPress sites concurrently requires keeping track of multiple security updates, different Plug-In updates, Theme updates, backups, usernames and credentials, and Firewall settings. Fortunately, this is a common problem for many WordPress managers. […]