“Break glass” emergency privileged access

Break glass access

Break glass access is a required component of business recovery. It should only be used in emergency situations.

Restricting outbound firewall rules in operational environments

Dams are used to protect downstream towns from uncontrolled water flow. Firewalls do the same for protected systems.

Reconfiguring firewalls in operational environments potentially breaks things. This article helps to develop a plan for implementing change.

Phish for phun and profit

Phishing is fun!

Phishing is a real problem, and that problem is only increasing in frequency. Phish attacks come in many different forms. Everyone is affected by phishing. Whether it be that a credit card number is stolen from your family member, or your friend gets their Facebook account hijacked, or you have your company web site blacklisted… Continue reading Phish for phun and profit

Identity theft

Theft through the screen

Our online identity IS our identity. Someone masquerading as you is potentially a dangerous situation, but it is at least creepy. The problem is, as sure as everyone will pay taxes this year, we will all have our online identity compromised.

What do you tell your colleagues who have had their identity stolen? What do you tell your family who have not *yet* had their identity stolen? What should they do? And what should they have done in order to reduce the vulnerability?

This paper will give you ideas on preventing problems in online identity theft, and also provide guidance on how to fix a problem if it happens.

Zero day, 0day, ohday, oh my!

Hackers have a few things in their favor when it comes to getting into your network and stealing data.  One of those things is the elusive zero day.   When it comes to hacking, a zero day is an “exploitation against a publicly unknown vulnerability”. But hackers don’t need a zero day.  They only need a… Continue reading Zero day, 0day, ohday, oh my!

Computer security hardening – safeguarding your computer

SAFE - keyboard key

Computer Security.  Kind of scary, actually.  With the likes of Target going down to hackers in late 2013, and a large attack on Home Depot in 2014, what can the rest of us do?  If Home Depot can be compromised, how can I protect myself? The bad news — you are a target.  Why though?  Well,… Continue reading Computer security hardening – safeguarding your computer