This article is going to help you change the built in WordPress 2019 Gutenberg Featured Image shading.

“I say there is no darkness but ignorance.”

William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare warned us that there is no darkness but ignorance. Applying the quote to this blog post, there are two darknesses — ignorance, and also the darkness that envelops the Featured Image on the newly released Twenty Nineteen theme!

Featured Image Scene from Key Largo with WordPress 2019 Gutenberg darkening and color enhancement
Darkened and Color Enhanced by default Featured Image


As many of my colleagues followed suit, I was excited with the most recent WordPress offering! I quickly update to WordPress 5.x, and Gutenberg blocks, and Twenty Nineteen … and bam, gosh I do not like those darkened Featured Images! While I am sure it is just that I am not yet used to them, this Darkness Factor must go! Another reason is that I have folks complaining because they didn’t ask for this “new shading” darkness, it just showed up.

In this article I’m going to show you the easy way to get rid of those colored Featured Images. Stick with me, it is just a few steps.

Before we start, let me mention there is some amount of controversy over changing this darkening behavior. The reason for the default darkening behavior has to do with contrast, and making sure the text on your main page shows up adequately. After you have completed this task, make sure your text shows up reasonably well.

In my opinion, it is always good to have options. As you get more familiar with the 2019 theme, you may even want to change the behavior back to default. It is easy enough to do. Enough said, here is how to updated the WordPress 2019 Featured Image default color enhancement.

There are only two configuration items to make all this happen. The first is to turn off the 2019 Filter. The second is to add CSS to remove shading.

1. Log in as Administrator

The WordPress menu when you Login to WordPress as Administrator
Login to WordPress as Administrator

First thing you’ll have to do is log in as Administrator. If you’ve read my blog post on Security, I’ll expect that the username is NOT admin! 🙂

You actually don’t have to be Admin, you just have to have the ability to change the Appearances section of WordPress.

2. Disable 2019 filter

The first step is to disable the filter.

Go to Customizer

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