“Break glass” emergency privileged access

Break glass access

Break glass access is a required component of business recovery. It should only be used in emergency situations.

Restricting outbound firewall rules in operational environments

Dams are used to protect downstream towns from uncontrolled water flow. Firewalls do the same for protected systems.

Reconfiguring firewalls in operational environments potentially breaks things. This article helps to develop a plan for implementing change.

Free domain names

Free public domain

Ready to show off a new domain? Want to use a “personalized” domain for a new customer, but don’t wish to buy the domain until the customer actually engages you with a contract? Sometimes having a free domain is of benefit.

Using Artificial Intelligence to create predictive systems

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The term Artificial Intelligence (or AI) was coined in the mid 1950s.  AI technology was heavily funded by the Department of Defense for many years. Unfortunately, the practitioners at the time were overly optimistic and failed to overcome some of the difficulties that they faced. By the mid 1970s, funding was largely cut in favor… Continue reading Using Artificial Intelligence to create predictive systems

Business & Technology Planning

This article explores basic ideas that you should keep in mind as you are starting or continuing your business. It is intended to provoke deeper thoughts for you and your executive team. From business continuity, to free coffee and free WiFi, we’ll look into ideas that are important to businesses… and to customers.

Identity theft

Theft through the screen

Our online identity IS our identity. Someone masquerading as you is potentially a dangerous situation, but it is at least creepy. The problem is, as sure as everyone will pay taxes this year, we will all have our online identity compromised.

What do you tell your colleagues who have had their identity stolen? What do you tell your family who have not *yet* had their identity stolen? What should they do? And what should they have done in order to reduce the vulnerability?

This paper will give you ideas on preventing problems in online identity theft, and also provide guidance on how to fix a problem if it happens.

The end of the (land) line

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So you’ve looked at your local phone bill and it was… oh my, I’m paying that much for a simple landline phone number? This doesn’t seem right! How can I be paying $40 a month for a landline phone (base price around $15/month, plus “options” price like call waiting around $20/month, plus taxes around 22%,… Continue reading The end of the (land) line

Business Continuity Planning

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the pre-planning effort put in to make sure your business continues to operate even during adverse situations. BCP is the work put in before those imperfect days, in order to smoothly transition between “normal” operations and “backup” operations. A backhoe digs through the internet cables, the electricity goes out, a… Continue reading Business Continuity Planning

Risk management – developing a framework

Risks can feel a lot like piranha ! (photo courtesy Pixabay)

Risk management is an essential skill for any business professional. Whether it be having a second screwdriver available on the job in case one is lost or broken, or it be having Errors and Omissions or liability insurance, we are constantly evaluating risks and the costs associated with managing those risks. In this paper we… Continue reading Risk management – developing a framework