Computer Security Incident Response (NIST SP800-61r2)

Computer security incidents happen.  Why?  Because computer defense is reactive. Regardless of the expansive and proactive nature of any particular defensive team, the Computer Network Defense (CND) job must include Computer Security Incident Response. A properly running CND team includes a Red Team subgroup of Attack and Exploitation experts. The Red Team actively looks for […]

Help I’ve fallen and my identity has been stolen!

No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard about the many breaches of data that have occurred over the last few years. It is even worse than what you read: identity theft is on the rise. Just to name a few (and no, I’m not singling out any particular companies): Equifax 143 Million, 2017 Target […]

WordPress Plugins – 2.1 Mail Relay

Let me ask an honest question.  Would you rather be doing business with “” or “” ?  Which one looks more professional?  Which one looks more trustworthy? Now that you have your web site configured, it is time to configure your mail agents to send “as” someone from your domain.  This increases the value of […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to create predictive systems

The term Artificial Intelligence (or AI) was coined in the mid 1950s.  AI technology was heavily funded by the Department of Defense for many years. Unfortunately, the practitioners at the time were overly optimistic and failed to overcome some of the difficulties that they faced. By the mid 1970s, funding was largely cut in favor […]

Business & Technology Planning

This article explores basic ideas that you should keep in mind as you are starting or continuing your business. It is intended to provoke deeper thoughts for you and your executive team. From business continuity, to free coffee and free WiFi, we’ll look into ideas that are important to businesses… and to customers.

As a service cloud technology – SaaS PaaS IaaS

Cloud Services are finally beginning to make the news in a very big way. Now may be the time for you to explore cloud services for your company. This document will help you understand cloud services, and explores some of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud compute models.

The end of the (land) line

So you’ve looked at your local phone bill and it was… oh my, I’m paying that much for a simple landline phone number? This doesn’t seem right! How can I be paying $40 a month for a landline phone (base price around $15/month, plus “options” price like call waiting around $20/month, plus taxes around 22%, […]

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the pre-planning effort put in to make sure your business continues to operate even during adverse situations. BCP is the work put in before those imperfect days, in order to smoothly transition between “normal” operations and “backup” operations. A backhoe digs through the internet cables, the electricity goes out, a […]