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Where to find “free use licensed” photos and videos

Searching for a photo of the Empire State Building from a plane? A whale breaching the surface of the ocean? It is often difficult to take your own “perfect” photo for your posts. And you can’t just “take” an image from someone else’s web site — or you’ll potentially face a DMCA takedown notice and demand letter.

So what do you do?

Well, for starters, always document where you find your images! And second, whenever reasonably possible (which is almost always!), find images that are identified as sharable, public domain, and no attribution required. Why no attribution? For sure, you should provide attribution! But when attribution is required, there are potentially difficult ways in which the documentation has to be referenced. I’m all for attribution, but don’t make it difficult.

This is a collection of different free suppliers.

Good free options!

Here’s a collection of web sites that provide free photos, videos, images, and other media. But be careful! Some of the sites also have “paid” offerings that are mixed with the free ones. (but be careful)

Pixabay photos and images screen shot captured 2020
Pixabay screen shot captured 2020

Licensing is simple.

Pixabay licensing 2020
Pixabay licensing 2020

Be careful with Pixabay though. There are “sponsored links” and otherwise non allowed photos. Follow the download rules and you’ll be fine, but make sure the photos that you are downloading are actually the “free” photos promised.

Pixabay “sponsored link” photos — be careful about the downloads!

Pros and cons

+ Great free photos

– There are “sponsored links”. Make certain that you are downloading an official “free” image.

Pexels screen shot captured 2020
Pexels screen shot captured 2020

Photos and movies!

Pexels licensing is simple. No attribution required. Personal recommendation is to attribute where practical!

Pexels no attribution required
Pexels no attribution required, CC0 license

The photos are of excellent quality, beautiful images and are free for any purpose. You just should not appropriate the authorship of the photo. They have an open license, that is, they are for public use. That is, for personal, commercial use, modify and distribute without permission. Totally recommendable. Your email will not be required., CC0 license

They have a universal license, that is, an open license to copy, distribute, modify, work commercially without having to ask for permission to do so. The logical thing is that you do not credit yourself because this would be wrong, I say very wrong. His gallery is small but what you will find there is of very good quality and very beautiful., CC0 license

The photos are of excellent quality, beautiful images and are free for any purpose. You just should not appropriate the authorship of the photo. Recommended although its gallery is quite limited. To download an image you must accept the terms and conditions agreement which is extremely short and easy to understand.

This portal is very, very good. Photos of excellent quality, very beautiful. You download the photo without giving data or anything for the summer. It also has a lovely premium section. It is in a word great. I loved this portal. They do not have a CC0 license, so I recommend you read beforehand about what you can do and what you should not do with these images., CC0 license

This portal is the best of all this group to which I have made my evaluation. It is spectacular. Yes, its free. Your data will not be required and the photos are of the highest quality. The gallery is great and you can also use it on your blogs or commercially, edit them, copy them. They will invite you to do an accreditation to the author but it is not mandatory at all. It is phenomenal. The gallery is immense and it is one of the most recognized portals of free images of high definition and excellent quality. Highly recommended.

Just avoid these

In my experience, these sites do not provide free artifacts. In my opinion, just avoid them. This is only my opinion.

(avoid) bigstockphoto . com

This is not a free photos portal, you must pay to get them without a watermark. You must leave your email and card details to access a 7-day free sample. The standard license has countless clauses. The photos are beautiful but expensive.

(avoid) freefoto . com

Some are free but I particularly think they don’t have a nice variety of photos. You must leave your email and accept an agreement so that you can download the photo. Many rules. In addition, it is mandatory that you prove authorship and place the link where the photo is on the portal or the home link of Very complicated for the user.

(avoid) classroomclipart . com

You will not find free images on this portal. You can download them for free but will have the watermark. I wonder, what is it for?