Technology is ubiquitous

Technology is everywhere.  Whether relying on the local power company, or accessing the internet, or pumping the gas in our cars, we live in a world filled with technology.

Technology is an enabler

Technology itself is only a means to an end. Technology is an enabler.  The technology is not what we and our customers are looking for.  Technology provisions and enables the means for us to have power or other fuel source for that hot shower, access the internet for the books and articles we read, and the pumps and fuel or electricity for the cars we drive.

Simplifying business & technology

This site is devoted to demystifying technology — exploring how to secure technologies, and strategizing on how to use technology to build better, faster, and stronger solutions for both our personal and our business needs.

Everything on this site is free

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Thanks for stopping by

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~~ Mark Satterfield

Business technology strategist