Technology changes fast … change with it!

Have you noticed? Technology is everywhere.  Whether relying on the local power company, or accessing the internet, or pumping the gas in our cars, or the ubiquitous “Internet of Things” like our Internet enabled thermostat and WiFi LED light bulbs, we live in a world filled with technology.

Be ready for change

Technology isn’t the end game. Technology itself is only a means to an end. Technology is an enabler.  The technology is not what we and our customers are looking for.  Technology provisions and enables the means for us to have power or other fuel source for that hot shower, access the internet for the books and articles we read, and the pumps and fuel or electricity for the cars we drive.

Consider how fast technology changes, and consider again how fast technology is likely to change in the future. Remember cassette tapes? Time share computer systems? Super-8 motion film? LaserDisc? Petrol powered internal combustion engines in cars with steering wheels? Okay, just kidding this year, but consider that fully electric and fully autonomous cars are on the horizon.

With this in mind, when developing your technology strategy, don’t consider building empires! Build quick, and be ready to change often. Reconsider your strategy early and often.

Simplifying business & technology

This site is devoted to demystifying technology — exploring how to secure technologies, and strategizing on how to use technology to build better, faster, and stronger solutions for both our personal and our business needs.

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Your phone is access to your kingdom. Be careful to protect it!

Vishing-don’t be a victim

The vish: Vishing and social engineering are nefarious confidence scams that pretend to be helping you. This article will help you avoid being a victim.
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Private gate - keep your private information private

Privacy at the workplace

In today’s world of privacy, you might be surprised that your company is recording every one of your keystrokes. Keep your private information private.
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inmotion hosting review

Inmotion Hosting review

This article presents a candid review of inmotion hosting, focused on both “reseller” and “end user” accounts: Ease of use, setup, speed, and configuration.
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Pixabay - Credential theft - phishing

Credential theft

This presentation will help you understand the risks, recognize when you have been compromised, and avoid credential theft
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payment cards

Payment card theft

Seems every day there are new reports of payment and credit card theft. Explore how payment card theft happens, and how to protect yourself.
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Free public domain

Free domain names

Ready to show off a new domain? Want to use a “personalized” domain for a new customer, but don’t wish to buy the domain until the customer actually engages you with a…
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Phishing is fun!

Phish for phun and profit

Phishing is a real problem, and that problem is only increasing in frequency. Phish attacks come in many different forms. Everyone is affected by phishing. Whether it be that a credit card…
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Pixabay - postman

WordPress Plugins – 2.1 Mail Relay

Let me ask an honest question.  Would you rather be doing business with “” or “” ?  Which one looks more professional?  Which one looks more trustworthy?
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Pixabay - Jigsaw interconnections

WordPress Plugins (1.0 Introduction)

WordPress is an incredible Content Management System — and it is free!  WordPress off the shelf is just that — a content management system.  The best part of WordPress is that it…
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pencil erasers - revise erase repeat

WordPress Post Revisions

Have you worked hard on a post, only to forget to save the post? I have. If you are looking to “autosave” your WordPress posts, this post is for you!
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Business & Technology Planning

This article explores basic ideas that you should keep in mind as you are starting or continuing your business. It is intended to provoke deeper thoughts for you and your executive team.…
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Cyber Security hackers

Exploiting the SDLC

Attacking software is really attacking the software development process. The adversary is looking to take advantage of software defects before those defects are repaired. This paper explores the attack timeline.
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Theft through the screen

Identity theft

Our online identity IS our identity. Someone masquerading as you is potentially a dangerous situation, but it is at least creepy. The problem is, as sure as everyone will pay taxes this…
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Centrally managing WordPress sites

Managing multiple WordPress sites is no easy task. While managing a single WordPress site in itself can seem difficult at times, managing many WordPress sites concurrently requires keeping track of multiple security…
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Zero day, 0day, ohday, oh my!

Hackers have a few things in their favor when it comes to getting into your network and stealing data.  One of those things is the elusive zero day.   When it comes to…
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Pixabay - an old rotary phone in a spooky yesterworld

The end of the (land) line

So you’ve looked at your local phone bill and it was… oh my, I’m paying that much for a simple landline phone number? This doesn’t seem right! How can I be paying…
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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the pre-planning effort put in to make sure your business continues to operate even during adverse situations. BCP is the work put in before those imperfect days,…
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