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Are you searching for a video editor? If so, this page is for you!

Along with their static reading blog cousins, vlogs (Video Logs) have been all the rage for a few years now.  I’m sure you have seen a few.  In fact, if you have ever looked at any video on YouTube, you were likely looking at a vlog. Vlogs are often shot on phones or other minimal capture devices, then edited in a video editor.

On the surface, it sounds pretty easy.  Take a movie with your phone, upload it to your site of choice, and poof, you have a vlog.  And it really is this easy.

But sometimes you might want to get a little more fancy, add static pictures to the video, add text, edit the audio track, dub the video, launch a rocket to space… oh, wait, getting a little too ambitious here!  …. You get the idea though.  Editing may be required to get a reasonable looking vlog.

Search for video editors

So then you have… what video editor are you going to use?  No problem!  Google!  

Googling Video Editor … 1.4 Million hits

Oh my that is a lot of hits!  And the worst part of it is having to download, install, and test every single one of them just to find a reasonably easy one!

Criteria to select a reasonable video editor

There are a number of problems that you are going to encounter along the way.

  • First, many applications are required Paid versions, or are otherwise crippled unpaid versions with the intent of forcing you to pay for the upgrade. You really don’t want to pay for a version unless you know it is the product you want, and can do more than the free versions of which you are familiar.  Really, there are great free versions available.  Try one of them first.  And second.  And third.
  • Second, the most popular applications will have regular updates, and likely have user communities that are interested in sharing with you, and you with them!  Look for a popular one that will be around for awhile.  The more popular, the more likely it will be around.
  • Third, once involved with a particular ecosystem and solution, it will be difficult or impossible to transfer your work to another platform.  Most use proprietary file formats that are not transferable between products.


Two that have bubbled to the surface for me are

  • The Free version for Youtube Video Maker.  The free version is very capable!  I’ve used it for many videos.
  • As of this writing, my number one recommendation is the Open Source (that means free!), widely used (that means lots of support!) Open Shot Video Editor,
OpenShot screen capture used for educational purposes
Screen Shot review of Open Shot, captured directly off of web page

Do you have a favorite?  Tell me more!  

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