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All of us are influenced by technology. Our cars are high tech. We have computers on every desk. Our phones are more powerful than desktops from ten years ago. But what is technology? Really, what is it for?

Sure, some might say technology is useful for gaming, and for keeping in touch with family, and even for searching for information on that perfect vacation. But in the real world — in our world of business — technology, at its core, is useful for providing solutions faster, more precisely, and more efficiently than the equivalent manual process.

Business technology isn’t just technology deployment, it is a strategy.  Technology is an integrated solution including design, deployment, testing, and security. While trending practices in the industry are important, technology has to be identified as a cost expended versus return expected.  Planning for each integrated solution and quantifying both the cost and the return helps to reduce unexpected costs, long term issues, and technical risks.

Technology articles

Here is a collection of pertinent Technology and Business related articles.  These articles include reference to starting a business, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Cost Containment, Contracts Management, and Risk Management.

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