Using Artificial Intelligence to create predictive systems

The early days of Artificial Intelligence The term Artificial Intelligence (or AI) was coined in the mid 1950s.  The technology was heavily funded by the Department of Defense for many years. Unfortunately, the practitioners at the time were overly optimistic and failed to plan for some of the difficulties that they eventually faced. By the mid [...]

Business & Technology Planning

This article explores basic ideas that you should keep in mind as you are starting or continuing your business.   It is intended to provoke deeper thoughts for you and your executive team.  From business continuity, to free coffee and free WiFi, we'll look into ideas that are important to businesses... and to customers. Business continuity [...]

The story of the “as a service” sisters — SaaS PaaS IaaS

Cloud service providers are in the news every day.  Whether it be that Disney or the NFL is "moving to the cloud", or that a vendor is forcing Cloud adoption with their offerings, Cloud is newsworthy.  And be it Microsoft's Office365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform, (three of the main players), Cloud [...]

WordPress: Configure WordPress to work from a Sub-directory

Most of us are familiar with files, directories, and sub-directories.   In the art of computer science (yes, that "art" v "science" reference was intentional), directories and sub-directories are a way to organize files into a meaningful hierarchy.  WordPress installations rely on this hierarchical file organization to make sense of the thousands of files that are [...]