WordPress Plugins (2.0 Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)

This post is a part of the WordPress Plugins discussion threads and focuses on Plugins that increase the Security of your WordPress site.


First, a definition for this very important section.  When it comes to any system, Security is particularly interested in three components.  We’ll be examining WordPress Plugins that help to achieve:

  • Confidentiality:  Is the information provided to only those who have a need to know?  Is the data protected from viewing by those who should not have visibility?
  • Integrity:  Does it relate to hackers defacing a web site?  Can it look like one person is posting, when in fact someone else is posting?  Can attribution of the information change?  Are there controls in place to confirm the identity of the person interacting with the web site?
  • Availability: Is the information protected against System outages?  Is the data available within an allowable speed constraint?

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