Information Warfare and the Software Developer

Cyber war
cyber warfare attacker
Is a hacker lurking? You bet!

So you fancy yourself a software developer. Great! Me too.

But what is your take on hackers and the craft of cyber warfare? Do you think you write hack safe code? Fact is, people are out there that want to

  • get on your systems,
  • get on your customer’s systems,
  • get your data, or
  • otherwise compromise the integrity of your technology.

That’s all fine and dandy, but surely this can’t happen to my code, right? Well, wrong.

If you are writing router software or Operating System software, you know the importance of creating safe, secure code. But how about a game programmer? Is it really necessary to put the extra effort in to make your code safe? You bet it is.

Maybe your code is just the way the hacker gets on the system, looking for more gold at the end of the tunnel. We’ll talk more about this and examine even more questions you may have about hackers and protecting your code and your customers in this paper. Remember, the best security is built into the system, not bolted onto the system.

Information Warfare and Your Responsibilities as a Software Developer – Introduction to understanding hackers and protecting your software against attack was created to promote awareness and motivate the software developer into further research. It is not exhaustive, and does not cover all potential vulnerabilities. It is only an overview of hacking, and a few common vulnerabilities that can be easily addressed by the software developer. Be sure to open the Speaker Notes for more information on each slide.

Happy reading! And remember, let’s be safe out there… you are part of the cyberwar.