Sailing Vessel Mystiko




Sail racing requires coordination among the crew, significant communication during the race, and planning.  Lots of planning.  Quite regularly, the positions on a racing sailboat are clearly identified but poorly defined.  Things happen quickly during a race — even on a slow sailing vessel!  In order to keep everyone safe, and at the same time make sure the boat can “go fast!”, it is important that everyone understand their particular roles and responsibilities, and also understand the roles of the other players involved.  Even beyond that, though, communication is ultimately important to win any race!

This particular guide is prepared for Mystiko, a Beneteau Oceanis 40 with roller furling main and jib, flying a socked asymmetrical spinnaker with the spin tack attached to a spot on the deck (specifically, the anchor roller), with no backstay adjustment, and with most lines run to the cockpit.

This guide first identifies the roles and explains the responsibilities for each of the roles.  It then discusses what happens at each part of the race, including the start, the mark roundings, and boat direction changes.  Note that there is a “many to one” relationship between roles and people.  For example, the Tactician and the Crew Chief may be the same person, and the Port Grinder and the Starboard Trimmer may be the same person.  


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